K2 Plugins:
The Ultimate toolkit
for building websites
with WordPress

We provide website creators with a modern set of tools that saves time and lets you build websites faster, smarter and easier.




All-in-One Solution

Control every aspect of your web design workflow from one place.

Customizable Widgets

Customize the widgets in any way you like using different designs.

Creative Pack

Access all the creative widgets that will make your website stand out, in one toolkit only.

K2 Blocks
K2 Blocks

Make beautiful and effective websites in Less Time

K2 Blocks is an essential toolkit for building websites using the Gutenberg editor. With K2 Blocks, you can save your time and effort to make your websites more beautiful and effective.

K2 Custom Payment Gateway for WooComerce

E-Commerce websites with custom payment options

             Enhance your e-Commerce websites by adding custom payment options on your check out page!

website k2 essentials
K2 Essentials

Administrative functionalities without code

K2 Essentials makes it easy for users to carry out administrative functionalities by eliminating the need of code and any knowledge of coding. This is done by introducing Check Boxes for different actions that are necessarily carried out during website development.